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Apollycon 2024 - Preorders

April 25-28, 2024 @ the Gaylord National Harbor in Washington, D.C.


  1. All preorders will include special swag made by my mother as a thank you gift (free of charge) for your never-ending support.

  2. All preorders will be pre-signed unless you make a note at check-out telling me not to sign. Preorders will not be pre-personalized, and will be personalized upon pickup. This ensures I don't have to trash books that don't get picked up and have someone else's name in them.

  3. All preorders MUST be picked up at the event. If you do not pick them up, I will not refund you and I will not be able to ship the preorder. If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to make the event, please tell me as soon as possible

  4. If you would like to order Jade Hernandez books, please see the Jade Hernandez website for a separate purchase. 

  5. When picking up pre-orders from me at the event, please either be ready to show me your purchase receipt or your I.D. so there are no mix-ups! Wi-fi is spotty at the event sometimes, so I recommend taking a screenshot (or even printing out) your receipt. If you are having someone else pick up the preorder for you, please make note of that when you checkout and I will need the pick-up person's name.

This page will stay live until preorders close on MARCH 1, 2024. At that point, the option to preorder books for pickup will be removed, and this page will turn into a pick-up information page.

If you'd like a picture, hug, etc from me at the event I WOULD LOVE TO! Don't hesitate to ask!

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