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El Rancho Los Corazones

Learn to Love You (1).jpg

Learn to Love You (#1)

Damián “Junior” Águila-Gutierrez shouldn’t think about his sister’s mysterious best friend. She’s off limits, unattainable, and more importantly, uninterested in him. Besides, he has other things to worry about. Like taking over his papá’s rancho, Los Corazones. Inheriting his familia’s empire is all that’s expected of him, but Junior has other plans and desires, and he knows if they ever discovered the truth, it would hurt the people he cares about the most…

Mayda Jiménez has lived on the outskirts of the Águila-Gutierrez family for as long as she can remember. She’s been loved by them but has never quite been one of them. She’s always kept herself at arm’s length, knowing if this perfect family ever found out about her mother’s addictions, they’d want nothing to do with her lot. It won’t stop her from pining after her best friend’s brother, though. The one person in the world she knows she can never have…

When the secrets of their circumstances bring Junior and Mayda together, what started as a tentative friendship ignites into something more. Shared whispers become kisses. Kisses become passion. And passion becomes a revelation that threatens to destroy the foundation of everything they’ve built.

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