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Lourdes & the Mafia

Lourdes & the Mafia is a spin-off standalone of Queenie & the Krakens. 

While you do not have to read Queenie to understand Lourdes' story, you will likely have a better reading experience if you do.

This book is a reverse harem, why choose standalone that contains content that may not be appropriate for readers under 18.

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Lourdes Rivera has spent her entire life relying on others. From friends, to family, to mediocre boyfriends. Now that her best friend Naomi is moving in with the Kraken Motorcycle Club, this is Lourdes’s chance to prove her independence once and for all. But after putting up an ad online, the last thing she expected when she greeted her new roommate was to be stabbed and left for dead.

Bloody and with nowhere else to go, a vision of the future leads Lourdes into the depraved and mysterious club known as Sinful, and straight into the arms of the three, sexy demon brothers who run it.

As the seer’s safety is threatened, Lourdes has no choice but to accept the demons’ help in uncovering who’s out to get her. But hiding out in the Underworld comes with its own complications. See, the brothers are more than they appear. Not only are they rulers of the afterlife, but also of the entire supernatural, criminal underbelly.

And as the mysterious threat grows in power, Lourdes will have no choice but to put her trust–and heart–in the hands of the three men that want to claim her for themselves.

Trigger and Content Warnings: This book contains MFM pairings, explicit sex scenes, magical shadow rope play, praise kinks, tail and horn play, knotting, group scenes, and spanking. There are also vague religious references to heaven, hell, and reincarnation, as well as one instance of fatphobia towards the main character by a family member. There are also several scenes that include violence, such as stabbing, torture, death, and grief. Please do not read if this would be harmful for your mental health.

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