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Queenie & the Krakens

This is a standalone novel, not connected with any other series or characters.

This is a reverse harem/why choose standalone that contains content not suitable for readers under 18.

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Naomi Queen swore to herself she’d never get involved with criminals. She didn’t want any part of the world that raised her because she knew the trouble the malicious underground could bring. But all that changes when she witnesses a murder between a gang of mermen shifters.

Swept into the maelstrom of the paranormal criminal underbelly wasn’t exactly high on her to-do list. Neither was being hunted by the murderous gang that called themselves the Rogue Waves.

With her life in danger, Naomi has no other choice but to accept protection from the deadly MC’s rivals. But hiding at the Kraken Motorcycle Club’s compound was the last thing she wanted. These mermen are dangerous, violent, and sexy. Everything she’s tried to avoid. They’ll chew her up and spit her out like the vicious sharks that they are… or they’ll try to.

Naomi has a few tricks of her own up her sleeve, and if the Krakens thought she’d be a meek little witness, they have another thing coming. She can be as ruthless as the monster whose name they carry, and by the time she wreaks havoc upon their lives—and their hearts—they won’t even know what hit them.

This book contains: MM, MMF, and MFM pairings, explicit sex scenes, pegging, daddy kink, age gap, orgies, as well as alphahole men that like to dominate the FMC through use of bondage, gagging, edging, and other forms of consensual sexual torture. 

Trigger Warning: There are scenes within this book that could be sensitive to some readers. Such scenes include dubious consent, as well as allusions to child abuse and forced prostitution in one character's backstory. Please proceed with caution if such things are triggering for you. 

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