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Blood Drug - eBook

Blood Drug - eBook


With her parents murdered in front of her, Esmeralda had nowhere else to go…until Damien Santiago saved her from the Rogue attack at her home all those years ago and took her to live in secret with his vampire Coven.

Ten years later and Esmeralda is still grateful that Damien saved her. So grateful that she agrees to become his fiancée and let him Change her on their wedding day. But all her decisions are put to the test when she meets Damien’s scarred twin brother, Antonio, who sparks a flame inside of her, bringing out an old sibling rivalry and forcing her to question everything she thought she knew.

Ever since Antonio’s arrival, nothing has been the same as he tries to convince Esmeralda that there was more to her parents’ murder, more that she didn’t know that everyone has been hiding from her. Just what exactly does Antonio Santiago know about the night her parents were murdered? And why is he the only one in the Coven not forcing her to forget about the past?

It seems Antonio has secrets thicker than the scar around his neck, and Esmeralda is determined to find out the truth.

*This book was previously published in 2018 and has since then been revised.*


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