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Royal Secrets series

a Mermaid Why Choose series

This series contains content that may not be suitable for all readers, such as: ableism against disabled main character, classism, violence, attempted murder, war in a fantasy setting, poison, fancy mer peens.

This series also features themes, situations, and tropes including: virgin FMC, slow burn romance, bisexual mermen and MM relationships, cliffhanger ending, group sex, angry sex. There is also a scene where the FMC has sex with one of the MC's in a case of mistaken identity. This should be considered dubious consent, so please proceed with caution.

Secrets Among the Tides (Royal Secrets #1)

Secrets Among the Tides eBook (1).jpg

The only life Maisie Fauna knows is one of poverty and tragedy. Years of war killed off her friends and neighbors one by one. So when the crown’s soldiers arrive to take their pick of able-bodied mer, it’s no surprise that the Captain of the Royal Guard takes an interest in her.

Only, it’s not so she can fight.

The Princess of Thalassar is missing and to save the kingdom, they’ll need a lookalike. They’ll need Maisie. And to help the poor, forgotten mer of Thalassar, she’ll do whatever it takes.

She didn’t take into account that she’d be suffering the scrutiny of her guard, the attractions of a crown prince, the temptations of the kingdom’s most wanted criminal, or the various attempts on her life.

The kingdom’s secrets are deadlier than she could have ever imagined and Maisie soon discovers that the reason the princess disappeared was because she knew too much…

…and someone wanted her dead.

Whispers Beneath the Deep (Royal Secrets #2)

Maisie never expected to care about the most notorious criminal of Thalassar. But with the Black Blade on the brink of death, she must decide if she’s going to assume her role as princess and watch him die… or risk everything to save his life.

With danger lurking around every corner, no decision comes easily. Under the queen’s watchful eye, Maisie’s role in the kingdom grows, and each day it becomes harder to pretend to be someone she’s not.

But to save the kingdom and unravel the missing princess’ secrets, she can’t give up. Nothing will distract her from her goals. Not her growing feelings for the three sexy mermen, who she knows she can never have, and certainly not the promise of death.

Because death is coming.

And it just might claim Maisie for good.

Whispers Beneath the Deep ebook.jpg

Caresses Between the Sand (Royal Secrets #3)

Caresses Between the Sand eBook.jpg

The secrets of the kingdom are finally unravelling, and now that Maisie knows the truth of why Kappur and Thalassar are at war, she will do everything she can to make it right. Starting with finding out where the missing royal is.

To do that, she’ll need to retrace Princess Odele’s every move, and she knows she can’t do it alone. Not with the queen monitoring her every move. Not with the royal advisor’s cruelty following in her shadow. Not when courtiers are vying for her attention at every corner.

She’ll need the help of shadows, dragons, power, and three mermen who despise each other. Of the Black Blade, Prince Kai, and Captain Saber. But will the mermen she’s come to love put aside their differences for the good of the kingdom?

Or will their hatred for one another doom them all?

Death Beyond the Waves (Royal Secrets #4)

Princess Odele has finally been found, and her appearance brings secrets that the kingdom of Thalassar has been harboring. Secrets that Maisie refuses to accept.

Unwilling to acknowledge her royal lineage, Maisie hides the truth from those she loves most. Her mermen can never know that she bears a title she doesn’t deserve or want. And she will keep it from them.

No matter the cost.

Together, Maisie and Odele will work in secret. They’ll swim in the shadows and be forced to rely on each other. To discover who was behind their assassination attempts. To expose the one who killed their family.

And to save their kingdom from downfall…

…once and for all.

Death Beyond the Waves eBook.jpg
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