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The Blood Novels Series

a Vampire PNR series

This series contains content that may not be suitable for all readers, including: cheating, attempted SA, abusive fiance, memory loss, violence, love triangles, mind control, mind reading, loss of loved ones, grief, supernatural police force, enslavement of vampires, abuse, vampire pregnancy.

Love Bites (The Blood Novels #1)

20-061 Aleera Anaya Ceres Love Bites.jpg

Love bites.

At least, it does for Katheryn Meyers.

After being cheated on by her fiancé, she decides to run away to a place where no one knows her name. Spain seemed like the perfect destination to clear her head, let loose, and to never think about love again. But when she meets Ignacio Ortiz, she finds herself being pulled towards this sexy, mysterious musician.

She shouldn’t want to fall in bed with him but one touch, and her whole body ignites with a passion she’s never felt before. What’s meant to be a vacation fling becomes so much more as Katheryn quickly finds herself addicted to him. But she knows he’s hiding something, something big. She just can't figure out what it is. Hopefully it has nothing to do with her blood-sucking nightmares.

Ignacio doesn’t want to be tied down with a relationship, and no matter how many women his meddling mother throws at him, he won’t change his mind. That is, until he meets Katheryn. He’s never wanted someone as much as he wants the sexy tourist.

But then one little lie changes everything...

He can’t bring himself to tell the truth... He’s a vampire—the very creature she’s most afraid of. If she knew what he really was, he’d lose her forever.

*This novel is a prequel that takes place years before the events in Blood Drug. It is a paranormal romance and recommended for ages 18 and up due to steamy scenes. *

Blood Drug (The Blood Novels #2)

With her parents murdered in front of her, Esmeralda had nowhere else to go…until Damien Santiago saved her from the Rogue attack at her home all those years ago and took her to live in secret with his vampire Coven.

Ten years later and Esmeralda is still grateful that Damien saved her. So grateful that she agrees to become his fiancée and let him Change her on their wedding day. But all her decisions are put to the test when she meets Damien’s scarred twin brother, Antonio, who sparks a flame inside of her, bringing out an old sibling rivalry and forcing her to question everything she thought she knew.

Ever since Antonio’s arrival, nothing has been the same as he tries to convince Esmeralda that there was more to her parents’ murder, more that she didn’t know that everyone has been hiding from her. Just what exactly does Antonio Santiago know about the night her parents were murdered? And why is he the only one in the Coven not forcing her to forget about the past?

It seems Antonio has secrets thicker than the scar around his neck, and Esmeralda is determined to find out the truth.

20-062 Aleera Anaya Ceres Blood Drug.jpg

My Master (The Blood Novels #3)

20-114 Aleera Anaya Ceres My Master.jpg

The war with the Rogues has ended, Damien is gone, Esmeralda finally knows who she is and more importantly, she can finally be with Antonio. Unfortunately, for him, it isn’t that easy. Still suffering from the death of his brother, Antonio loses himself in his nightmares that cause him to relive that dreadful moment.


The deeper he digs himself into his guilty past, the more he pushes Ezzy away. And if that weren’t bad enough, their best friend, Isis, has gone missing and they fear that the fate of the human race depends on her.

Isis’s creator has come back to haunt her, kidnapping her and forcing her to join his war—a war that may end humanity as they know it. Her disappearance leads Ezzy and Antonio on a wild goose chase in an attempt to find her. Secrets are uncovered that, in times of darkness, test ones abilities, teaching them who they really are.


Will the search for Isis bring Esmeralda and Antonio closer together? Or tear these Soul Mates apart for good?

Last Hope (The Blood Novels #4)

Caesareon’s legacy didn’t die with him.

He left an army in his wake...and they all want revenge on the woman who killed their Master.

As Isis’ past catches up to her, the truth regarding Caesareon and her little brother start to unravel.

Azizi is alive and he’s continuing his Master’s work. Now, Isis needs the help of her Soul Mate’s witch spells to go into hiding.


But when she finally comes face to face with him, will he go against everything he believed in to help his sister defeat Caesareon’s armies once and for all?

20-132 Aleera Anaya Ceres Last Hope.jpg
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