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Fae Elementals

This is a High Fantasy Fae series intended for readers 18 and over as it contains adult M/F romance, sexually explicit scenes, cursing, and dark themes.

A Dance with Fire (Fae Elementals #1)

A Dance With Fire Titled.jpg

Shula Azzarh is Fae…

…in a world where it’s illegal to be.

Working at Piriguini’s Circus keeps her hidden in plain sight, but when a vicious accident exposes the truth of what she is, her safe game of hiding comes to an end. Taken by the emperor’s soldiers, Shula is forced into the hands of a mysterious Brotherhood, a group of humans hell-bent on eradicating her race completely.

The Fae Resistance needs her. Their healer hates her. And the Emperor of Illyk will stop at nothing to possess her. The secrets of the empire run deeper than she knows, and Shula will have to rely on the magic she’s suppressed for years to save herself from the emperor’s malicious plans.

Because Shula is an Elemental.

And her fire might be the only thing that can make or break their world.

A Sword of Ice (Fae Elementals #2)

A Sword of Ice Titled.jpg

The Empire of Illyk was never safe…

…especially not for Iona Wylde.

Living in the corrupt city of Porir, working for meager earnings at the run-down zoo, and paying a monthly tithe to the humans? It was supposed to keep the reality of what she was hidden. A Fae. An Elemental.

The last of her kind.

But the day the emperor’s soldiers invade her home is the day her careful life falls apart.
Prepared to flee to safety, Iona never expects to encounter the Resistance, and the fire dancer in their midst.

To preserve the Fae race and stop the emperor from destroying them completely, they’ll need Iona. And to survive, she’ll need them too.

On their search for the truth, they’re lead across Illyk and to The West Isles, the lands of mercenaries and pirates. There, secrets of the empire will begin to unravel. Bonds will be formed. Betrayals will tear the Resistance apart, making Iona question everything she ever knew.

And it just might spark a war for freedom that will change her fate forever.

A Shield of Water (Fae Elementals #3)

A Shield of Water Titled.jpg

Corvina Rhian wanted to help her court…

…but the Fae were decimated instead.

In a kingdom where Fae are enslaved, protection for herself and her court is guaranteed when she is gifted to the youngest Prince of Dana and forced into a loveless marriage.

When her life is threatened by the arrival of the emperor’s soldiers and the Brotherhood, Corvina scrambles to protect her secrets. And when a group of Fae rebels who call themselves the Resistance come for her, Corvina has no choice but to follow them, the man who calls himself her mate, and the two women who are just like her. Elementals. The last of their kind.

But taking the Fae princess is not without consequence and the Resistance soon find themselves at war with the kingdom and the prince who will stop at nothing to get her back. Blood will be shed. Battles will be lost. In the chaos and destruction, friendships will be formed, bonds will be broken…

And Corvina must decide if she will take back her power to stand with her people, or watch the Fae fall for good.