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Royal Lies series

a Mermaid Why Choose series

This series is a spin off of the Royal Secrets series.

This series contains content that may not be suitable for all readers, such as: unlikeable and pretentious FMC, ableism against disabled main character, classism, violence, attempted murder, war in a fantasy setting, poison, dragons eating mer, death of dragons, pregnancy, fancy mer peens.

This series also features themes, situations, and tropes including: virgin FMC, slow burn romance, bisexual mermen and MM relationships, cliffhanger ending, group sex, angry sex. 

Slave to Ice & Shadows (Royal Lies #1)

Slave to Ice & Shadows eBook.jpg

The only life Princess Odele Malabella knows is a lavish one. Years of tragedy killed off her family members one by one until she and her long-lost cousin, Maisie, uncovered a murderous fiend and set the kingdom of Thalassar to rights. With the weight of her ex-engagement off her shoulders, Odele has plans. Plans to travel the seven sea kingdoms and find adventures. Plans that don’t include marriage, ruling, or responsibilities.

Only, royal life is not so simple, and the ultimatum the queen presents is a double-edged sword.

Marry, or die.

Being a slave—er, wife—to the bastard Prince of Iol was never part of her plan, and escaping from the clutches of him and his brooding guard is not easy to do as they journey towards the cold, northern waters of his kingdom. A kingdom that gives the Princess of Thalassar more than she bargained for when royal lies and deadly plots begin to unravel from the shadows.

Lies and plots that just might change the fate of her heart—and their kingdoms—forever.

Princess in Frost Castles (Royal Lies #2)

When Odele traveled to Iol, she never expected to fall for two bastard mermen, just like she never expected to care for the bitter-cold ice kingdom of the north. But with the threat of war looming over her new home, it’s a race against time for Odele and her mermen as they travel to Draconi to warn their friends of the upcoming danger.

However, the dragon-infested waters are more treacherous than they could have imagined, and those the Princess of Thalassar thought she could trust quickly become her enemies. Without allies, there’s no way they can win. Until the opportunity for a new alliance presents itself in the form of a merman of myth and legend.

The King of the Uncharted Waters offers them armies and beasts of his own, but his help comes with a price. One they aren’t willing to pay. But with her home in danger, she will go against Ytgar’s and Val’s wishes and accept the help—and passions—of the mysterious king.

And she will prove to everyone just how much she’ll sacrifice to save the ones she loves.

Princess in Frost Castles eBook.jpg

Queen of Frozen War (Royal Lies #3)

Queen of Frozen War eBook.jpg

The war with the Uncharted has finally come, and Iol may not have the allies or the numbers, but they have hope and they have Odele.

And the Princess of Thalassar means to conquer.

Fighting against all odds, the princess and her mermen find themselves going head-to-head with Queen Alexxandria to save the ice kingdom from her tyranny. To give up means their death. To bow down to the queen will bring their ruin. To save the seven sea kingdoms from annihilation, the ultimate sacrifice has to be made.

But she can’t sit back and watch her husbands die in exchange for the lives of the mer. So Odele will use her cunning to come up with a plan. One that will either save them all… or bring about their doom.

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