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Alien Awakening

Book: Alien Awakening

Series: Sikarian Novella

Author: Regine Abel

Diversity Checklist:

  • Black Author

  • Black Female Main Character

  • Latinx Side character

Trigger Warnings:

Mention of neglectful, uncaring parents

Mer list:

  • Alien mer

  • Human turns alien mer

  • Fated Mates/Mating bond

  • Possessive male mate

  • Alien Mermaid and Merman

  • Insta lust/love

Book list:

  • Available on Kindle Unlimited

  • Novella

  • No cliffhanger

  • Standalone

  • Open door sex scenes

  • Low steam

Book summary

This book follows Malaika, a human from earth, as her body starts undergoing changes. She grows scales, itches, and she’s not the only one. Several other humans all around earth are changing and all those who are, get taken into a government facility. The cause? Global warming. With the ice caps melting, viruses, bugs, even DNA that was frozen from prehistoric times is being triggered as it resurfaces and it causes dormant genes inside humans to awaken, making them go through the change.

Malaika is becoming, essentially, an alien mermaid. In this facility she will undergo the full change beneath the mentorship of an alien merman named Zayek. Sparks fly between these two as she tries to navigate her new life.


I loved this book. I thought the idea of global warming triggering a change in humans was SO CREATIVE. It’s not something I’ve ever read about in a book before so I was blown away by that theme in this one.

There wasn’t anything about this novella I didn’t like except for the fact I wish it were longer. I also hope to all fins that the author writes more in this series or of this species, because I think it would be so interesting to see this as a full-length novella.

Zayek was very kind, and while he felt insta-love/insta-lust/insta-possession with our main female character, he was always very careful when it came to consent and he treated her so right.

Now, this book didn't have a TON of spice, but keep in mind it's a novella, so it was very short and fast. There was spice, open door, and overall a very sweet read. The main characters were into each other from the get go, and Malaika accepted her change into an alien mermaid with grace. Of course there were a few issues at first because of her job, her family and missing it because…um…helloooo she has to actually move away to an alien planet once the change is complete. Who wouldn't be overwhelmed by that? I'd probably fucking cry. But she handled it very well.

But really who wouldn't want to turn into a mermaid?

If you want a fast, sweet, creative read then I highly recommend this book!!

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