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My Master - eBook

My Master - eBook


The war with the Rogues has ended, Damien is gone, Esmeralda finally knows who she is and more importantly, she can finally be with Antonio. Unfortunately, for him, it isn’t that easy. Still suffering from the death of his brother, Antonio loses himself in his nightmares that cause him to relive that dreadful moment. The deeper he digs himself into his guilty past, the more he pushes Ezzy away. And if that weren’t bad enough, their best friend, Isis, has gone missing and they fear that the fate of the human race depends on her.

Isis’s creator has come back to haunt her, kidnapping her and forcing her to join his war—a war that may end humanity as they know it. Her disappearance leads Ezzy and Antonio on a wild goose chase in an attempt to find her. Secrets are uncovered that, in times of darkness, test ones abilities, teaching them who they really are. Will the search for Isis bring Esmeralda and Antonio closer together? Or tear these Soul Mates apart for good?

*This book is an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance previously published in 2018 and has since been revised*


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