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Royal Secrets - Signed Paperbacks

Royal Secrets - Signed Paperbacks


Purchase the second edition copies of the Royal Secrets series. Signed and personalized!


Each purchase will get you a free map print of the seven sea kingdoms and Lagoona + free swag.


Secrets Among the Tides book 1


Whispers Beneath the Deep book 2


Caresses Between the Sand book 3


Death Beyond the Waves book 4


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Aleera Anaya Ceres is currently based in Mexico, therefore shipping speed may vary from 3-9 weeks. Due to COVID, shipping speed may vary.

Aleera Anaya Ceres is not responsible for any products that arrive damaged or are lost in the mail. However, if any products arrive damaged/mishandled, please email Aleera at with proof of damage for a possible refund or replacement of product.

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