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Siren Queen - eBook

Siren Queen - eBook


“Tell me you want me.”
“I want you.” His voice was both a curse and a growl.
“You want me, what?”
“I want you, my Queen.”

Noah Willkie never wanted to return to Blood Island. It’s the place where memories haunt him and the nightmares beckon. But when the sailor is forced back to his birthplace, it's only to realize that the island he hates is no longer what it once was. Legends of sirens and sea creatures terrorize the people, leading him to the ocean they all fear. And to her.

The Siren Queen.

Noah can’t help but feel a pull towards the woman he fishes out of the ocean. Even if she’s full of anger and thoroughly despises him, he’s all too eager to awaken the secrets and hidden passions he knows lay inside her…

She is the most powerful siren in the ocean.

But when the Queen angers her God, she is cast away without her tail or Trident and straight into the warmth of Noah’s arms. The fact that he makes her feel what she never has before doesn’t matter. Because to regain her former glory, the ultimate sacrifice must be made…

And she’ll use this seductive human to get it all back. Even if that means breaking her heart in the process.


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