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The Last Mermaid-Signed Paperback

The Last Mermaid-Signed Paperback


I am the last mermaid. That sounds pretentious, I know, but when you’re the last of your kind, no one lets you live the title down…

Raised by sea goblins in the cold waters of the arctic, I was content enough as the only mermaid in the village—as the only mermaid in the seas. But after a freak accident, I’m sent away to survive the freezing waters on my own.

It’s in the unforgiving waters I travel, and it is then that I realize that my entire existance is a lie, because I discover him. A lone merman convinced that there is a long lost kingdom with others like us who hide from a rising threat.

To find it, he’ll need me, but can I really face the mystery of my entire existance and life? Will this make-believe kingdom really give me the answers I’ve always longed for?

Or will we die chasing a dream?

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